Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India

Bestselling Indian author and the director of Nehru Center, London, Amish Tripathi is back with his new fiction book namely – ‘Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India‘. Now its time to rush and download the pdf and free audiobook of Legend of Suheldev.

Book Description

A quick book description about Legend of Suheldev by Amish Tripathi.

Book Name Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India
Author Amish Tripathi
Publisher Westland
Pages 352
Release 20 June 2020
Language English
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The storyline of book is set in the 11th century to be very specific that is 1025 AD. The northern regions of India was weakened by the repeated attacks of Mahmud of Ghazni.¬†Ghazni’s Turkic army destroyed the holy Somnath Temple of Gujrat.

This story is about the Heroic Warrior King Suheldev who unites the Indian peoples of different caste, religion against the foreign invaders and lastely he destroyed the Turkik army.

So, it’s a good read for those who want to deep dive into the stroyline of Author Amish and that heroic one man army. Since all the previous creations of Amish has been blockbuster so there is no doubt about this book also.

About Author

With more than 5 million copies sold in present decade Amish Tripathi is one of the best selling book author and the top 100 celebrity of India. At present he is the director of Nehru Center, London.

He is the first Indian author who has created the history to have all of his 6 fiction book get ranked top 10 in national bestseller list for 4 weeks in a row by the HT-Nielsen Bookscan.

Previously his books like Shiva Trilogy and Ram Chandra series has been a blockbuster.

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Who is the author of Legend of Suheldev?

Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India is written by India's bestselling non-fiction author Amish Tripathi.

What is the release date of Legend of Suheldev?

The book Legend of Suheldev was released on 20 June 2020 during a instagram live by author Amish.

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