Indian Polity 5th Edition by M. Laxmikanth

Indian Polity by Laxmikanth is a very popular book for civil services examination particularly for Public Administration. In fact, till a few years back when there were optional subjects in the preliminary exam as well, Laxmikanth was indispensable for Pub Ad and IAS aspirants used to literally rote the entire book.

In Laxmikant each and every topic is covered in an organised way,while other books are very complicated and from which revision is almost impossible at the last hour. Also after reading Laxmikant,you no need to make separate notes..

Block one: The BASE

1.Salient features of the Indian Constitution
2.Preamble to the Constitution
3.Union and its territory
4.Fundamental rights
5.Directive principles of state policy
6.Fundamental duties
7.Amendment of the constitution
8.Basic structure of the constitution.

Block two: UNION GOVT

1.Emergency provisions

1a .President
3.Prime Minister
4.Central Council of Ministers


1.Supreme Court

2.High court
3.Subordinate Courts

Block 4: State Government

2.Chief Minister
3.State Council of Ministers
4.State legislature

Block 5:Local Government

1.Panchayati raj

Block 6: Constitutional Bodies

1.Election commission
2.Union Public service commission
3.State Public service Commission
4.Finance Commission
5.National Commission for SC’s
6. National Commission for ST’s
7.Special officer for Linguistic minorities
8.Comptroller and auditor general of India
9.Attorney General of India.
10.Advocate General of India.

Block 7:Non-Constitutional Bodies

Block 8: System of Government

1.Parliamentary system
2.Federal System
3.Centre-state relations
4.Inter-state relations.



2.Cabinet committees

3.Parliamentary committees
4.Parliamentary forums

5.Special status of Jammu and Kashmir
6.Special provision for some states

7.Union territories
8.Scheduled and tribal areas

Block 10: Constituional Framework

1.Historical Background
2.Making of the constitution

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