Death – An Inside Story by Sadhuguru

Death – An Inside Story by Sadhguru

A Book Above From Religions 

No one can deny death. It is an inevitable truth. No matter how rich you are you cannot escape from the truth that one day you have to die leaving all luxury behind.

“I am recalling a program that I saw on Discovery a few years ago. Some rich people booked a special type of chamber where their bodies can preserve for years without decaying. They believed that someday they would come alive.” 

I don’t know what forced them to take the decision. But, the book Death- An Inside Story by Sadhguru can change your views on death. The spiritual heart has taken out all his internal thoughts and knowledge about death.

Death – An Inside Story by Sadhuguru
Death – An Inside Story by Sadhguru

Book Description

Book Name Death: An Inside Story:
Author Sadhguru
Publisher Penguin Ananda
Pages 376
Release 21 February 2020
Language English
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What Does the Book About?

  • The book tells about the inner experience of death.
  • From the book, he has elaborated on what preparation you can do for one’s death.
  • What best you can do for someone who is taking the last breath.
  • And how we can support his/her journey after death.

Everyone who has fear from death or consider death a taboo should read the book. It is above religion. No matter how we are buried, there is no difference.

Shadhuguru has explained so many questions that arise in your mind related to the topic. These are those questions that you don’t find even from Google.

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