Best Books for NEET 2020 with Preparation Strategy

Best Books for NEET 2020

Searching for the list of Best Books for NEET 2020? We have got the solution, below in this article we have shared the list of Best Books which can be very helpful for all those students preparing for NEET 2020.

Books are one of the most important arms for any student fighting in the battle of cracking any competitive exam. Without proper books, it is just like frightening in a battleground without any weapon.

Apart from this book recommendation, we have also shared a successful preparation strategy which you should follow to crack NEET 2020.

Best Books for NEET 2020

Note: NCERT Textbooks are the most important books for NEET/AIIMS preparation as these books are enough to provide you the basic principles and concepts with accurate information.




NEET 2020 Preparation Strategy

Preparation of such big goals requires a full proof plan and strategy, these preparation are not going to complete in days or months but it will take years.

During the preparation, you will have to face many of the difficulties that are different from your academics, so it is necessary to properly troubleshoot all the troubles so that its impact does not affect your studies.

Below we have provided some of the points which you should follow during the preparation and some most important points which you must avoid to get good results.

Things to Follow

1. Be Passionate 

No goal can be achieved if you are not passionate about that. Make sure you are passionate about the things you will be learning in one or two years.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency is one of the most important factors between the students who are being succeeded and those ones who failed. You have to be consistent throughout the year whether that is learning concepts or solving problems.

3. Divide the Chapters

Do not keep any chapters or subjects as your goal, try to divide any chapters into multiple topics and then work hard to complete it. Taking a complete chapter or subject as your next goal is nothing but making excessive pressure on your mind.

4. Keep Revising

Revising is the other name of doing practice, thing whatever you have learned in the past need to be kept in practice so that you don’t forget them. So put some efforts on the revision part.

Most of the students don’t focus on this and keep moving forward but during the last few months of examinations, they feel sad for not having a proper revision.

Things to Avoid

1. Bunch of Books & Study Materials

Having this that and a bunch of books and study material is never good for your clear cut preparation. Simply follow the recommended books from the list of from your classroom and master that only.

Having a lot of study materials from different sources will use a lot of your memory and in return, it will provide you a good quantity of confusion.

2. Technology Abuse:

The way technology has expanded in our country in the last few years, it has certainly changed our learning process to a great extent. But it would not be wrong to say that young generations are also wasting their lives by getting trapped in this technology.

That’s why it is completely up to you how you take advantage of this technology, make sure that whenever you use those technologies i.e mobile or computer, it should be related to your study activities.

As a technology addicted you may well feel that you are earning knowledge even from social media which is very wrong. In such a situation, keep away from the clutches of social media as much as possible.

3. Will do it Later

The kind of test you are preparing for does not tolerate even the slightest laziness. Keep your workflow in advance for update with your classroom plans. Do complete your homework and assignments on proper time rather saying “will do it later“.

NEET Motivation Quotes

Final Words

I hope you have gone through this complete article featuring some of the best books for neet 2020 and a short and effective study plan cum preparation strategy which can let you move towards becoming a successful student.


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