[Subject Wise] Best Books for NDA Preparation 2021

The path for clearing the NDA exam is not easy. If you want to clear the exam, your vision should be clear. Therefore, preparation while you are in class 9th is necessary because the general ability exam involves most questions from 9th and 10th standard. At the same time, keep your mathematics skills sharp. Here are some books to read to clear your NDA Exam in 2021, 2022, and so on…

Best NDA Books for English Paper

The National Defense Service exam clearance also needs you to be brilliant in English. Here are some books for English that you can use to improve your command in the subject:

Name of Books Author & Publication Remarks
Objective General English S. P. Bakshi

(Arihant Publication)

The book is excellent for preparing the English test as it comprises examples and explanation of each grammatical rule. 
Wren & Martin’s High School English Grammar & Composition S. Chand The book is helpful in understanding the basic grammatical rules related to verbs, preposition, subject-verb-agreement etc…
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis

(Goyal Publishers)

If you read stories and novels, you can collect new words, however the book is effective to strengthen your vocabulary power. 

Best NDA Books for Physics Paper

From Physics, questions are generally involved of 11th and 12th standards and are related to electricity and mechanics. Here are the books for NDA Exam preparation-

Name of Book/Source Author & Publication Remarks
NCERT (11th n 12th) Each book published from NCERT are concise and to the point. Clear your concept for Physics in Motion, Electricity, Magnetism
NCERT Exemplar The book is useful to do revision and practice numerical and concepts. 

Best NDA Books for Chemistry

The Chemistry section also covers questions from the 11th and 12th standard books. Some important topics are atoms, Bases and Salts, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, Acid, Oxidation and Reduction, Atoms, etc.

Name of Book/Source Author & Publication Remarks
NCERT (11th n 12th) No need of reading some other books because your NCRT books from 11th and 12th classes are sufficient enough. Some important topics to give special attention are- Chemical Changes, Equations, Structure of Atom etc.
NCERT Exemplar It is for revision because the more you revise the better you can perform.

Best NDA Books for General Science Paper

The General Science paper comprises study materials of class 9th and 10th Biology.

Name of Book Author & Publication Remarks
Objective GK Sanjiv Kumar; Lucent Publication
  • The book includes biology in concise manner covering all 9th and 10th  topics
  • Read these topics like plants, human body, Human Reproduction, etc.

Best History, Geography Books for NDA Exam

As we said, general science covers many different topics of class 9th and 10th books.

Name of Book Author & Publication Remarks
Objective GK Sanjiv Kumar; Lucent Publication The book is excellent for revision of all the history and geography topics concisely.

Best Current Affairs Books for NDA Exam

The NDA exam covers the current 6 months activities. Make sure you are ready for this. 

Name of Book Author & Publication Remarks
Pratoyogita Darpan/ Competition Success Review
  • Order the monthly subscription of the book. 

Best NDA Books for Mathematics Paper

After NDA, you would be in a reputed defense post for which you should have basic understanding of mathematics. Therefore, the paper is conducted-

Name of Book Author & Publication Remarks
National Defence Academy and Naval Academy R S Aggarwal The book can help you know the type of questions come to the exam and let you score higher for the exam. 


Q. Should I join an institute for preparation?

A. Self-study matters a lot. Instead of wasting your time in going out for coaching away from your home, you can join online coaching. At the same time, make a group of friends who are preparing for the same. Group study is beneficial. 

Q. What are the subjects for the NDA exam?

A. The exam has two sections- one is mathematics and the other is General Ability. The section general ability covers 7 subjects including:

  • English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • General Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Current Affairs

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